Farming delta?


I was really excited when I got delta she is my favorite raptor in the series I put her in my lineup and she is actually really good her speed is great and her damage and health is good.I just what to level her up more so I can make her better…does anyone know if she can be found in the wild?


Not at this time, I’m afraid. It may be a while before Delta and the other raptors appear in the wild–they might be event-exclusive for some time. Hard to say for sure.

Glad to hear Delta’s been useful on your team, though, and happy hunting!


I love the Raptors. I only have Charlie and Delta. 4 away from Blue and didn’t go get Echo.
Have not put Delta in my line up yet, but Charlie is so much fun.


I think Delta is my favourite of the sisters, but they’re all too low level for me to use on my team. The only one I use is Blue, since she’s 11 (the others I was only able to get up to 7)


Well, judging by her abilities, if she starts spawning in the wild, Delta could become the mightiest of them all. If she is able to use her Adrenaline Pulse and survive, her next hits will do some MAJOR damages, probably one shotting other dinosaurs


But she’s not able to survive any Pounce or other heavy attacks (x1.5 or x2) with her low health (like most Raptors). So if you boost her, she might die against any Raptor/Tyrannosaurid/Stun/Crit.


Of course but she is still mighty for a normal raptor: 131 speed is the second highest, she has Pounce and the same damage and more health than a normal Velociraptor. In most cases (except facing a Velociraptor) she will be even better than Velociraptor. If facing a low damage, high defense dinosaur like ankylosaurus, she can use that Adrenaline Surge and increase her damage even further.


Haven’t heard of any of Owen’s raptors in the wild yet but I just got DNA for Delta from a 12 hr battle incubator


Good to know this can happen. Still, i hope they release them in the wild too, otherwise getting DNA would be crazy.


They might release them in the wild, but because they’re from a special event, expect them to be very hard to find if they ever appear. Glad you’re enjoying your raptors. I have the three raptors, only need blue. They’re pretty fun too use!

Anyways, good luck on finding the DNA!

-Echo #Echoed


Delta stats (right) are actually the same as U-Raptor (left) on the same Level. I like her because of her Speed, but there is rarely any situation you could use her buff.


My point is that she is very useful even without the buff, and she has that situational use buff that can make her even more powerful. She just needs level to be competitive