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Farming DinoBucks

Here are some tips on farming Dino Bucks. This thread was inspired by one of the forum’s currently inactive but great contributor DaWise_Weirdo’s DNA Farming threads.


One — Do the Daily Missions. They can give anywhere between 90-110 DBs per day based on level. That’s around 700 DBs a week.

Two — Watch a video for the second six-hourly Mystery Pack. They have odds for 10 DBs and 30 DBs in the first three cards for Non VIPs and VIPs respectively. Not a lot, but still adds.

Three — Do not spend. Yes, this is quite difficult and a very cliché point, but doing this will be prominent in saving up DBs for future use.

Four — The Trade Harbour. This is for level 50+ players, it is recommended to store Apatosaurus Fossils in the Market which can give upto 2M coins, 2M food, 500 DNA and 500 DBs per trade, when present.

Five — Grind the Elite Wheel on Cenozoic PvP. Of course, this is for those Ceno Lineups that are eligible. Do not ignore the Cenos!

Six — if you aren’t till now, start finishing in dominator league in tournaments by making deep and strong lineups. Most tournament dino packs (dominator) usually have chances of 1500 possible dinobucks.


One — Community Events, and when they give DBs (like the one we had recently) for milestones. Well… um… participate?

Two – Grinding Bracketed Tournaments. Regular Tournaments don’t give a lot of bucks, and even when they do it’s almost always a small amount, whereas Bracketed Tournaments give upto 200-400 Bucks and they’re more or less frequent.

Three — Unlock Events. Even if you have that creature unlocked or you’re unlocking it probably for the 100th time now, remember that the card packs have odds of 100 to 200 DBs in one card (most of the time).

Making this a Wiki so that anyone who has more points to add can do so.


Add grinding elite wheel on cenozoic PvP to the list!