Farming in badlands?

Is it a good idea to go down to arena 5 to farm irritator DNA? Is it worth it?

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I would be interested to know if this works as well, just can’t get irritator dna besides from battle incubator, which is random n slow :frowning:

in term of easily to obtain Incubators, yes.

In term of worth of irritator DNA, totally no.

I used to farm in badlands to get just only less than 600 irritator DNA within 10 days (1st october - 10th october - even I’d tried quick open with some bucks). yeah, the smaller pool of exclusive DNA will let you more chance to get specific dna like Irritator, but it’s extremely hard for you to get more than 50 DNA irritator on the lucky incubator that provide you Irritator’s

I choose to farm in low ruins after I found the guaranteed stygimoloch DNA is far less in lower arenas. :grinning: