Fast Food Extras

Has anyone ever noticed how stingy restaurant workers are with extras? Like Subway, McDonalds, Burger King, etc. It is almost like if they put more that 7 pickles in my 11 inch foot long sub, the manager will dock their pay! There is never enough pickles!!!

Where am I going with this you ask? Maybe or maybe not, but I will tell you. Ludia keeps 95% of the Dinos just out of range, and it isn’t just my good luck, lots of others have said the same thing. It is almost like if they put Dinos around the 4 supply drops near my house, then they will somehow lose money by letting me collect dna. At work, the Dinos are around the gas station just out of reach; I go there at lunch and there are NO dinos to collect anymore. Pokemon Go stopped working on my phone and my Son introduced me to Jurassic World, I enjoy this game. My coworkers think I am crazy sometimes when I battle during lunch, lol.


I think it’s just bad luck. I used to think the same thing but then I thought about how someone could live a block down the street and have great spawns since they would have the same map as me. Some people have supply drops that they can grab from their couch. I’m just in an unlucky spot.

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Couch, bed, or attic…but I literally have to crawl on my knees for the last one, so I can’t/don’t do that often. Usually just if there’s an epic and it’s raining or nighttime…

A lot of them also seem to spawn while a person is moving, but I’m not sure if this is coincidence or not. Perhaps there are more spawns in an area if the programming registers more movement on our GPSes. I know that the Pokemon Go app also adjusts spawn rates for how many players are in an area, or at least it used to. Sometimes, people also request that there not be spawn points in certain areas due to safety or privacy related issues.

It’s not from moving there are hidden spawn points that if they have a creature in them they will only pop out when your in supply spin range. Prob to encourage actually exploring!

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That’s what I thought, but I couldn’t be sure.Some things no doubt just spawn near where we happen to be located by sheer coincidence, too. Thanks!

They are spawning but they are all spawning just out of range. Believe me, I have walked around the block to catch them, and when I get there they are gone. Same thing at work. They pop up, at range 151. At least some of the new Dinos will fly into range, lol.