Fast option for spinning supply drop

Can we pretty please have the option to disable the animation of spinning and whatever we get from the drops. We need to spin these so many times throughout the day that all these little seconds adds up. We have to spin 100+ times to max out our coins everyday. and frankly it’s getting old. I dont even need to see what i get as long as it just adds it to my total. A Fast speed spinner as an option to disable the animations would greatly help with this.

Thank you.


I would also like the option that if I manually spin it fast enough, I still get the supplies even if the drop is out of range

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It already works no ? I’m doing it when I am a passenger in car.

What’s all this then? Is there really a way to get out of range boxes?

I support this idea. Apply it to darting dinos as well. I can look later at how much DNA I have overall. I would also like an option to turn off animations for stike towers. I don’t need to watch all the action when I’m battling 10 battles against dinos 10-15 levels lower.

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adding my voice to this:

since so many battles are determined by rng, can we just be told right away if we won or lost, without having to choose the dinos, the moves and have to wait through all the animations?



Actually I don’t care. What I do hate most is the 1st and 2nd green drops gives me 44 darts each with zero coins (and the 3rd green drop is wayyyyyy beyond my reach)


Can’t agree more. Why give us dart when we are already full…

I swear the odds are stacked against us… I frequently have gotten 44 darts from like 6 out of 10 event drops!!!


And why Owen cannot keep a track of my Passenger status? Why he have to always ask whether I am driving or a passenger?
It’s always annoys me when I miss a supply drop just because of Owen and his gesture.

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