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Fast Up And Down Scroll Button Suggestion For Dino Select Screen

Think it’s time for those like me who’s unlocked a billion dinos to have a scroll button ( up n down ) because now it’s becoming waaaay to much effort to get to the locked dinos now so please Ludia if your watching please consider adding it :smiley:

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Since the update i have waaaay too much time just to go to the screen with the dinos…i have to wait like 10 seconds every time…

they should just have a search button


Yeah. A search button would make it easier.

As a work around right now, sort the list by wild card. A lot less dinos on the screen and the locks dinos still show up at the bottom.

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Yea. I have 141 creatures at team level. It’s taking longer and longer to pan down and find the ones I want.

Maybe go from having 4 in a row to 5 or 6 in a row or give us a choice.

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  1. If your talking about 20’s, I only have like 12.

yeah Oriondestiny plays with every creature to lv 20 except uniques. Those are lv 21. He has a massive collection.

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I knew he had one, just I didn’t think it was so big. I wonder who has more, @Colin_Goodman or oriondestiny. Do u have 141 too, colin. I mean its craxy just to have like 60 at team level.

I have every non-hybrid (with the exception of the 2.1 and 2.2) creatures up to 20th. A couple of my favourites did go to 22nd because I had the coins spare.

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