Faster? I am confused


When my dinosaur shows at the top faster, and I make my move, why would the other dinosaur get to go first? I’ve checked the stats and see nothing that says go first or anything to indicate that they should go first.

I had the indominus, they had the steggodus. What am I missing? They had not slowed me down.

Thanks for the help!


Because those two Dino’s have the same speed, there’s a sort of tie breaker put in place to chose who goes first. Levels matter. So if his Stego was a higher level than your Indominus, then he’ll go first. If both Dino’s are the same level and same speed, the person who chooses their move first will go first.
Hope this helps.


Thanks. This makes sense and I am aware of these rules. However, the problem I have is that before I chose my move, the bar at the top clearly read “faster” with the arrow on my side. As soon as I chose my move, the other person went first. I would have chosen differently had the arrow been on my opponent’s side. Usually if you are of equal ranks, there would be a question mark, wouldn’t there?

Oh well, it is just a game. An expensive game tho! :blush:


Ive noticed the same thing, that one side says faster when in reality they should be tied. I think this is a small visual glitch and the rules still apply. The only time I have actually seen the question marks is when the opponent and I have the same Dino at the same level.


Postmetridon and trag have the same speed but trag loses the speed war even if you hit attack first


It gets so confusing. You have good strategy based on the visuals of the game, yet the game does not act like you think it should. Therefore, your strategy becomes flawed. I have serious questions when I lose 15 battles out of 16. Then, all of a sudden win 3 in a row. Oh well, again, it is just a game… OR IS IT??? :wink:


Be faster at pressing your move button when all things else are equal


Doesnt work with trag and postmetridon. Everytime I choose attack instantly then 5 or more seconds later they choose theirs :joy: I have tested it


I have had this happen a few times recently. It has always been a TRex that my dino should be faster then, I have the faster arrow and we know that ole girl is slow as molasses but then Wham! Critical hit me before I can even blink! I love Rexy but she should not be going first except in very rare occasions.


I have seen on the very first move that opponent’s TRex at 104 speed got first hit against my dino with 124 speed. I believe my dino used was Baryonyx


With equal level identical dinosaurs I never get the first strike no matter how fast I am on the button. It needs to be a random 50/50 to be fairer.