Faster... Not faster!


I’m getting a lot of battles show my dinosaurs as faster but when they then enter the arena, they aren’t?


It’s a bug, you better check for yourself if they’re really faster or not.


You mean I have to be the kid from how to Train your dragon who knows all the stats :grin:


No, you can check before picking


This may sound like a naive question, but are you sure it’s not a ability the other Dino’s using that increases his speed?


No question is a bad question in my book. They have a raptor which has a default speed around 130. A steggo (in my deck) is around 110.


I have been having the same problem in some of my fights where it tells me that all of my dinosaurs are faster than the opponent. However as soon as I tag them in they aren’t. This is getting a little frustrating and have lost a few battles due to the game misleading me.