Faster Owen Raptors!


So I’ve just spent about $10 on buying the incubators that contain the special rare DNA (of creatures like Echo, Charlie & Delta) to find out… MY NEW RAPTORS ARE SLOWER THAN THE NORMAL VELOCIRAPTOR?! I know they’re very strong and everything but seriously… they’re supposed to be rare. Better. Faster. How in the world are they slower? I just bought a bunch of snails… don’t know if it was worth my money :confused:


Serves you right for trying to get a raptor squad arena team.

They are OP as it is, the slow speed is the only way anyone can win against them.


Sorry to hear that you spent a load of money and not got what you wanted.

However, if you did your research. Nothing is faster then the Velociraptor in the game currently.


If I’m being honest I feel like slowing the raptors down was what was most RIGHT about the pack.

No single dinosaur, raptor or otherwise, should exvlusively occupy the fastest slot. Now they just need to reduce the Velociraptor to 130 :stuck_out_tongue:


Owen’s raptors are velociraptors. I thought they would at least have the same speed. I was wrong.


@Blue_Hunter oh please people can chose whatever team they want


they have mixed DNA with different animals, like bird for one and iguana for the other? so they aren’t true velociraptors are they? so they lose a slight bit of speed but gain an ability I’m guessing ,


Didn’t we get 3 event attempts for each rare Raptors before the incubator came out? Should have at least check the stats and moves of each before spending cash on incubators to get more of their DNAs. Well, lesson learned I guess. All the best in your collection :+1:t2:


For future reference:


Neither the normal velociraptor is a true velociraptor, she also has mixed dna and of course she is bigger and lacks feathers, so yeah, all of them are hybrids actually.


Actually, every “dinosaur” at Jurassic World is mixed with something else. So there isn’t really a pure dinosaur. They’re all but results of diferent mixes of DNA. So taking that into count. All the velociraptors (including the normal velociraptor) should have the same speed, or at least one of Owen’s raptors should be faster than the normal velociraptor. Plus, Come on, These are supposed to be rare raptors. I know they have unique characteristics and actions but they should be as fast, to say The least.

-Echo #Echoed


And raptor teams will kill this game with the arena raptorpocalypes