Faster Raids

I like raids, but they’re really long for just 6 turns. Here are some changes I’d like to see:

All positive & negative effects for one attack are displayed simultaneously. If one move buffs allies and debuffs opponents, show it all in a bird’s-eye view. And when multiple buffs happen at once, show them all at once at show all the fancy hexagons/speed stuff appearing/etc all at once if you really want to.

The raid can also stop showing that the boss resisted 80% of this or that. New raiders don’t need see it to know their Lethal Wound didn’t bleed a whole 33%, and if they want to know more, they can tap & hold. Or at the very least, make its display time shorter. If you reduce the display time and show “resisted” only once after all debuffs are applied together, that may not be so bad.

Shorten attack animations. For instance, when Thor rampages, cut out the part at the end where it walks back to its previous position. Teeth show, damage hits, victims hit the ground. The next dino then starts its action almost immediately after bodies hit the floor.

The “Knocked Out” display for minions at the end of a turn can also be cut in half.