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Fastest and most efficient way to gain exp?

Anyone who’s lv19 and in an alliance that’s probably gonna hit T8 this season you might be concerned about this as well. Since lv20 is the ticket to Geminititan and if you’re lv19 you’ll be a just a few DNAs away from unlocking the creature. However it is actually so close, yet so far for most people who haven’t brought the both Gemini ingredients to lv20. Arena will be a pain for you because you will be just a few DNA away from Gemini and almost all your opponents are using it against you, while it will probably take you another month to actually acquiring the creature.

So you might be wondering what’s the best solution to this, it’s not actually trying to grind Gemini ingredients from now on because it will take you ages to start fusing it anyway. The best way to unlock Gemini is to actually level up to player level 20. Now this is not an easy job if you’re only midway or even new to lv19. (If you’re lv18 or below then I’m sorry it’s not worth grinding exp at this point) Each of us only get to level up 19 times in our whole game time, and each time it takes longer and longer to level up. So what is the most efficient way of doing it?

Now if we dive into ways of getting exp, there’s actually only 3 ways of doing so. First one is by unlocking a creature, which doesn’t happen very often so I personally would just ignore this, well unless you have a creature that’s very close to unlocking then I might consider doing it, but other than that let’s skip to the next method. Evolving, evolving is probably the most coin-consuming way but also pretty effective. The amount of exp gained is based on both the rarity of the creature and the level of the creature, as well as the DNA required to evolve the creature. Of you evolve a higher leveled creature, you get more exp. Which also means, of course, more costly. Now we get to our final but also probably the most effective way of gaining exp, fusing. Now if you’re lv17+ it is really a great way of gaining exp because the multifuse button saves you hours. Fusing imo is the best way of earning exp because it costs way less coins, and it doesn’t take long. Of course it costs DNA, but doing a 250x fuse on a rare is relatively easy and will also get you quite a lot of exp. Again, the exp gained is based on the dna requirement on both dinos and the rarity. This I believe is the fastest and cheapest way to earn exp. Below is a link that gives further details about the exp gained from each action, click on it if you’re interested, its 2 years old but I believe the information is still correct or I am doomed

If any of you would like to share more tips about leveling up quickly please do because I’m one of those people desperate for level 20 within a week!

It’s been a loooooong time since I worried about xp… but I used to fuse rare hybrids to gain the most xp for the least amount of coins. I have no idea if it still works this way tho.

fusing rare dna. like a lot of it. it’s the least expensive way to gain xp.

Yeah fusing is the best way and the most efficient fuses are something you can double fuse with so you don’t have to level the original fuse target. And right now is one of the better times to donthis since you can do it on two creatures and there both playable in the meta.

Best ones are fusing eino and then fusing that into rixis and fusing sucho and then fusing that into thyla.

Fusing massive amount of majund and then fusing that into boa works as well… but it’s not as good investment wise.

These are all super hybrids so there not likely to get another hybrid and can always be used in advantage tournaments in the future if you don’t want them on your main team.

Edit I forgot with multi fuse you can now over fuse so you don’t really have to level anything. But if you run out of dna for the rare fuses you can multi fuse the epic dna and decide to level or not.

I would level them to 15 anyway just for xo but tbh diplo is better than its hybrid as well but forget what the other one is

Grinding exp. Got way easier once multi-fusion but sadly was already at lvl 20:( I really could use those coins needed to lvl up creature’s just to fuse for exp.haha