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Fastest sanc level up?

Just curious, whats the fastest that you have gotten to 20(provide pictures) and what tips can you share besides the standard info that we all know…

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We got ours to 20 in 5 days, I’d say my best advice is to have a pateradactyl organizing it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am struggling to get everyone on the same page in the same book. We came up with a list of the most popular and the struggle is getting everyone to understand they can’t all be added immediately. Any advice?

i think the highest we’ve gotten is 8 lol. i believe lack of communication is the problem in my alliance as well as understanding.

This talks about shared sancs, but a lot of the same principles apply to a single alliance trying to level


May I ask, is this with the participation of members of 1 Alliance or a collaboration? Also, may I ask which dinos were used to start? Did everyone just FIP with the dino that gave the most SP or FIP with anything in the Sanctuary? Any clarification (help) would be wonderful. Thank you

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please give the article above a good read. lots of helpfull info in there.

this was a collaboration of alliances. only thing i can suggest is be super organized. get a list of highly wanted dinos by each sanc and plan on deploying the list according to highest priority to least wanted. i like to start with any high sp dinos and as spots open, we add from the list. dinos like irri, bary, brachi, carbo get duplicates since these warrant higher traffic. then everything else just gets one placement. its very important that the alliances does not lose your share. so keep an eye on that and communicate if they are in danger. after awhile. things stagger and you dont have to worry as much. you must be firm with your alliance, i know its a game but you have to kind of be serious about it. your alliance has to know not to place random dinos and that the targetted sanc is being worked on by the sanc managers. their job should only be to fip when they can and if they feel generous, use the interact fips on the high sp dinos. its best to use overlevelled dinos and boosted dinos as much as you can. since there is a reset coming, we boosted alot of our dinos before placing. besides that, try to always have the same people placing and always make sure that the high sp stuff is in there.


I’ve read it, we tried a couple of weeks ago, by ourselves, just our 1 Alliance. Trying to get everyone on the same page. We got it to L17 in that 2 week time period. Needless to say, we didn’t have the participation of all 50 members. I just hate the thought of getting in a collaboration with another Alliance and having someone from our Alliance mess it up, to be honest. Many of us just FIP with a boosted L30 Tany for a week and a half, giving it our all.

its going to happen, mistakes happen then you reprimand and move forward. after awhile the alliance sees the whole picture and the rewards. then they are all in.

this is were you have to get a little serious. i know its a game but members should be able to follow simple rules. if they mess up after several warning then youll have to consider parting with them.

Also, maybe your allliance isnt ready to take that next step yet or you have alot of inactives. you might want to consider pruning and getting more people on board.

have everyone on the same chat platform whether its discord or facebook. i reccomend discord. the game chat is not reliable.

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Highest my alliance got is 8. We aren’t actively trying to get super high levels tho.

I was going to post ours but I see you and @mizz_wrecks beat me too it. :laughing:

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Happy Birthday!

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Thank you. :slight_smile: