Fastest way of leveling?


Anyone calculated the best method for leveling?


First question: Do you plan on spending money to level up?

You can only increase your player level by gaining experience points and experience points can only be gained by creating, evolving, or fusing a creature. To create, evolve or fuse a creature you must have the amount of DNA and coins specified.

So basically you need two resources to level up: DNA and coins. There is a daily limit for coins, which is very important because at some point you might have more DNA than coins. So you should try to reach the daily coin limit every day, else you need to spend money (in game money or real money) to buy coins.

Getting DNA:
This is obvious, go out and find dinos on the map.
Incubators also give you DNA. You get free incubators for winning battles but you can also buy incubators. You have to wait to open the incubators from the battles or you can spend money to open them quicker.

Getting coins:
You get random coins from the supply drops on the map.
You also get coins from incubators or you can buy them in the in-game market.

Without calculation, I try to answer your question:
For a free player, the fastest way to level up is battling and then open the incubators with the in game money. And once you ran out of money, go out and collect DNA and coins.
But because you can buy DNA and coins for real money, this would be the fastest way to level up.