Fastest way to get Blue?

How do i get her…

Wait until she’s the dino of the day again.

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Go outside in upstate New York in December in your underwear!


Blue is out in the wild now… Along with the other new raptors… Happy hunting.

havent heard of anyone finding blue in wild even though all the other dino of the days have been released.

Your best bet is probably to look in parks. I’ve found a baryonyx and the other members of the raptor pack in park areas so I can only assume you can find Blue there too.

not really in park´s dude, you can search blue aroun 13h hours at 17H , charlie too, blue appear´s around this time around college and hospital´s, i help you with link respaw´s… SAVE THIS LINK IN YOUR COMPUTER DUDE !!!

Happy Hunter now !!! share you experience =)

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Fastest way to get blue?

respond to a thread @trick3d0ut makes…instant sadness - for yourself, the forum, and really, humanity,

I wouldn’t even bother. As you collect other dinos she becomes virtually worthless. Dont waste the coins or the attempts. She is usually paired with pyroraptor for dino of the day, and that DNA is much more valuable.