Fastest way to get Indoraptor?

Looking for any tips or tricks to get the Indoraptor without spending loads of money, so please post tips below.
Also looking for what ithe quickest/most effective way to get the Indoraptor


Sorry to give u bad news but the only 2 ways is to either spend about 1 thousand dollars on the game or hack like all the people in the leaderboard


Asked myself this same question when I get slaughtered by a Bot with Indoraptor in level 7 arena.

Fuse level 15 T Rex and level 15 Velo enough times to get a Indominus Rex.
Fuse level 20 Indominus Rex and level 20 Velo enough times to get the Indoraptor.

It would appear the 2 ingredients are T Rex and Velo.

This last park T Rex day helped me get to 15 and start on fusing. Good luck finding that much free wild T Rex to get to Indoraptor.

Since Velo is a common little guy it takes a ton of his DNA but it is out there at night waiting for you. For free (not factoring in gas money and countless night hours).

Add in the ginormous coin cost to do the leveling up.

So Fast Way? Rob a ATM and give it all to Ludia with the pay to play method. My 2 cents.


I just bought the 4 offers whit 500 adn of trex they offered, all t rex event atemps and darting random t rex walking or riding. That give me to lvl up indominus to 20 and indoraptor to 22 and still have like700 800 dna of t rex. Im vip and 100% legit player. If you play daily some hours and only waste is specific offers is totaly possible have it.

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There are wild T-Rex here every day. And V-Raptor is everywhere at night, no problem to collect 10k DNA a night.

So, if you are lucky with fusing, it’s actually not that hard to unlock him. Probably easiest Unique. Plus there were multiple T-Rex and one Indoraptor daily Events. And those 50$ T-Rex Incubators including 500 DNA guaranteed.

The leaderboard top 100 are not hackers, stop being stupid please, there is NO way to hack money, if you had any idea about coding you would know that without hacking the payment verification servers (which are owned by google, so good luck with that) its simply not possible.

Those people spend 5.000-10.000$ on the game, as simple as that, I personally know 2 of them from reddit and they spend that much on many big mobile games.

Its quite hard but not impossible. I am playing a lot and on average i am getting 1 t-rex/day ( my indominus just reached lvl 20). The best way ( if you dont want to buy overpriced incubators) is probably to play where a lot of restaurant are…

I can find velociraptors no problem, just in my area I never see trex’s. What are you alls arena levels? I feel like thats the key

Spent 50 on the over that looked like it gave out the Indoraptor dna and I got nothing from it. So I won’t be spending anymore on this game

Where is here? In my area only time trexs spawns are during the days it is posted

Fastest way is to go out at night and get a crap load in V-Raps and then catch every T-rex you can get your hands on. The challenge to indo is the raptors…you need 2000 DNA per attempt and only 50 T-Rex

I’ve got DNA towards my indoraptor and I haven’t cheated/hacked 🤷 maybe spent some money but not too much $. Definitely bought those Trex incubator ls when they showed up lol

Yep. Hacksare number one. Leaderboard is proof

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Not hackers, just rich

Yeah, most of these guys invested like 5k to 10k $$$ in JWA.

Germany :wave:

Where are you from? B-W here.

This is confusing. Metahub say you find Rex in parks or restaurants but I don’t see him there… Just random when I am walking around for a while… Please state exact locations as to where you meet him.

He spawns everywhere at everytime, but if an epic spawns near a restaurant, it will be more likely me be a Trex.

The hardest part is finding t-Rex if you don’t want to pay for boxes.

I play at least 3 hours a day, and I meet 1 T-rex every 4-5 days, it’s really hard.

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Up to 5 hours a day, 1-3x T-Rex are day are common. But of course there are sometimes days I hunt less or encounter not many Epics at all.