Fastest way to get Indoraptor?

What is your arena score?

Stay in FALLEN KINGDOM - that way you get incubators with raptor and (more importantly) T-rex dna. This is what I’m currently doing to ‘farm’ T-rex dna. Be sure to get every raptor you see also. This is probably the fastest F2P method without cheating

It is not The legit method it is The Pay to win mate, but better that that cheating you Are keeping this game Alive.

Lol how to drop from level 7 to 1 :sob:

It takes awhile, ive tried it

You get root and use game guardian to hack super DNA by hacking amount

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There is not a legit method to have geographic coordinates to know where T-Rex is spawning now or will spawn. And even if I could tell you I am seeing one right now in Milan, Italy, you won’t be able to legitimately arrive here in time to catch her :sweat_smile:

Best way is to keep moving and searching for her near restaurants to increase your possibility to see her, but this is not guaranteed.

I am trying to convince people around my hunting area to play the game so in this case, if somebody will advise me that he has spotted in the nearby a specific dino I am searching, maybe I have a chance to go out and catch him.

Find lots of rex DNA. Getting Raptor DNA is easy at night.

Calculating how many DNA you need at the worst case scenario (when every leveling-up gives you 10 DNA): you need 25 levels up for Indoraptor

Every level-up needs 50 IRex and 2000 Velo DNA

And to get 50 IRex DNA in worst case scenario you need
5x50 TRex DNA = 250 TRex DNA
5x500 Velo DNA = 2500 Velo DNA

So grand total just for IRex is

  • 25x250 TRex DNA = 6250 TRex DNA
  • 25x2500 Velo DNA = 62500 Velo DNA

If you add the other Velo DNA (to fuse with IRex) to this the grand total is

  • 6250 TRex DNA
  • 62500 Velo DNA + 50000 Velo DNA = 112500 Velo DNA

If in average you make 100 TRex DNA of every TRex that you catch than that’s 62.5 TRexes to catch
Similarly if in average you make 200 Velo DNA of every Velo that you catch than that’s 562.5 Velos to catch

This is in the worst case scenario though

…depending how lucky you are this number can go down 2-4 times
Usually every level-up is 20 DNA in average
This means

  • 3125 TRex DNA (32 Trex to catch)
  • 31250 Velo DNA + 25000 Velo DNA = 56250 Velo DNA (280 Velos to catch)

Happy hunting!

On the end a quick answer how to get faster there:
a) shoot more than 100 TRex DNA or 200 Velo DNA per catch
b) have a better luck when leveling up

Note on my luck
I’m presently at 132/250 Indoraptor DNA
Here is what kind of luck I had with leveling up
22 (from the event in June) + 10 + 10 + 20 + 10 + 30 + 30 =132
Oct 24 I finally collected 250 IRex DNA and 10000 Velo DNA and tried 5 times: 20 + 50 + 20 + 20 + 20 = 260… finally made Indoraptor!!!


I would add that in the sanctuary you get 40 DNA per interaction, etc. for the raptor, and also if you are part of a good alliance you can request the raptor DNA a couple times a day and get ~a couple thousand if they fulfill the request.

Make sure to do the strike events and the daily epic incubator for defeating 10 creatures, plus participate in the raid bosses for the occasional raptor.

I just got irex to 20 and have the raptor at 18 with 10k dna waiting for the sanctuary to end so I can evolve him, but I didn’t realize it is 2k per fuse so I have a long way to go; will be my first unique and definitely worth the wait and effort!