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Fatale Attraction

I just got liked by Felicia Fatale.

I’m not on ViP so I can do anything yet, but she’s finally coming guys!


It’s been a while since I went to the app do fast :joy: I’m VIP but she’s not there for me, yet :thinking::unamused: But I’ll be patient a little longer :woman_shrugging:

She was highlighted orange so I swiped right but now I have a countdown timer.

I bought the VIP just for this month just so I could get her like right now 'cause no way I’m gonna wait any longer than I have to :joy:
And AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA screaming intensifies she was so worth the wait! I knew I was gonna love her but didn’t think this much. Definitely my all time favorite Lovelink LI alongside with Hazel even though I’m only two chats in.
I can’t even express how happy I am that I don’t have to wait for her any longer :sob:

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Okay, I judged too quickly :flushed: I thought she’d be in the vip section, but I went to look for her and just matched. I don’t want to speed through the chat, just to have her be gone in a blink, so – exercising extreme patience right now.

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So Felicia is being released I wonder who else is returning/being released this week if they do in fact have 4 characters per week

Arghhhhhh! I’m super excited now.

Without spoiling anything, what is her character ter type? Is she criminal or something?

I’m just hoping they’re fair and update the males and females equally, that’s if they release four matches every week cause the update did say 'up to 4 times a week!'

Yeah like William, Blake or Daniel and Sage, Jasmin, Samantha for example

She’s very secretive which might make her feel a little distant at times and she’s um… rather job oriented, you could say. But she’s still very nice nonetheless and mysterious which I like a lot! And all I will say is she’s certain type of agent/spy. I don’t know much yet either so besides that I only know who she works for. I think I’ll leave that as a surprise as it’s quite relevant to the plot(at least in my opinion) :kissing:
Edit: I’d also like to add that she’s so sweet and can be so adorably awkward, I’m screaming internally!

Also, on the MC. While I share a lot of MC’s feelings, they also made me go like ‘‘jeez, calm down!’’. Like MC, dear, don’t go and get attached to people you haven’t spoken to even once in your life :joy::see_no_evil:

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Well I just woke up and, obviously the first thing I did was check the app. The countdown timer has elapsed and the ‘like’ has gone, so I guess she’s ViP only for the time being *sad face.w

Man, that sucks :frowning:
But I guess it might be good to wait a little longer. I myself have read everything there is so far and now I’m left with ‘‘Nooooo, we just matched! Come baaaaaack!’’ with chorus of Numb by Linkin Park on the background :see_no_evil:

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It seems that all the newer interactions are much shorter, but if they have promised regular updates, maybe the wait times will be days/weeks rather than months and months.

I’m sorry you feel numb. But at least you’re not ‘hurt’ by Johnny Cash, I’d be worried about you if that were the case.

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I really hope she comes back soon, she and Hazel are the only ones I actually really wanna talk to lol.

I was only joking but thanks for your concern :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I still miss her terribly tho… and she hasn’t been gone even a whole day haha!

I feel like I’m being trolled now.

Wow, she is ice cold like Rick James!

I wont get her till tomorrow afternoon

Happy days. Mild spoiler: she ain’t an influencer :wink::rofl: