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Father and Kid Looking to Play Together

Hi. My kid and I are looking for an active but not hard core alliance. He’s level 16 casual (4k+ trophies). I am level 10 (1900 trophies) but playing very hard core currently. For the moment I play over 10 hours per day and will contribute a lot to all clan quests. We’d like to play with at least 30 active players if possible. Our time zone is GMT+2. Cheers.

Hi, FedKassad. Come check us out at Meanwhile In Mesozoic!

search up the creature. awesome alliance.

Name is The Creature

MyVeryWaitJurassicfes leader arme84 #1337.I am a father too and we play often with my children. you would be welcome.

  • Looking for battlers -
  • we always get 8/8 -
  • newbies and vets welcome

Alliance name - Attack Gen 2

You and your kid are welcome to join I’ll make space for you :slight_smile: