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Father's Day Skullcrusher tokens in Thawfest Emporium

Even though the refresh timer on the seasonal items isn’t up, the skullcrusher tokens were removed. Is this standard behavior? Nothing says that they wouldn’t stay for the duration.

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What do you mean? Event is over.

I had the same problem in the past. The Support Staff admitted that the timer is misleading but refused to take any action.

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That’s not far I spent hundreds of dollars on the fathers day skullcrusher & only need 15 more trust points to get my 3rd one so I can make him 5* & now I can’t. I guess I’m not going to be spending money on the game anymore

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same here i only needed 100 trust points to get my 3rd Easter Balf and Belch copy back then… the timer has misled me into thinking i still had days to buy the trust points

Yeah this is just how it works, if the event ends, then the TPs disappear. They only appear between the time when the event starts and when the event ends, due to this you can get 300 TP in total only from the arena. If you only need just a few TPs to get your last dragon, might as well use runes at the end of the event.

Not that i’d mind to have 1 more week to buy the TPs from the arena.

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Right, except the 300TP. They offer 15 packages of 10TP. And each package costs more than all other TP so it’s kinda harder.

Yeah, i’m personally trying to avoid doing that, the best method when it comes to getting all 3 dragons is to open a note app (or even take a real paper) and rwite on it your plans for the event “Today I have to open the X amount of chests and I have to do the X amount of resets” on the top of that you can add the TPs that you can get from additional quests (100 from what i know) and then 150-300 from the arena and also the alpha chest, wich dosen’t give that much to be honest, if you have the FC, to be honest the arena TPs aren’t a must.

Well, of course one does calculations… But Arena offers only 150 TP max for these events. And every 10 TP, package costs 250 medals instead of 200 like other TP.

I can’t see how you can get more than these 150 TP from Arena

Like you implied you could

Aight let me explain how you can get 300 TPs. You see, the event arrives right in the day when the emporium resets. For me the event starts at 17:00, now, I have 150 TPs in the arena shop that I can buy, i buy the 150 TPs (or maybe 10, it’s not relevant to be honest). After two hours the arena shop resets (since the season starts at 19:00 and once the season starts, the shop resets) with me being able to buy 150 more TPs, i think it’s an exploit to be honest.

Also yeah to be honest the fact that the TPs are now 250 instead of 200 kinda bothers me as well (i gues it’s a small price to pay for buying 150 TPs instead of 100 like before the Toothpaddy event).

They didn’t have any skullcrusher TP in the rest part of Emporium it was in the lower part that resets when arena resets so I was under the impression that I had 7 more days to get my last 15 TP witch would have given me a total of 3000 TP so I could 5* my Father’s Day skullcrusher. If I would have known that it was not going to be in the Emporium I would have gotten the 15 TP I needed before the event ended. I’ve spent hundreds on that Skullcrusher and know I can’t completely finish off to 5*.

I spent over 40k on another game I play but because of this I will never spend money on this game again like I did for this dragon and now I can’t get him for a whole year is outrageous if you ask me

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It’s kinda your fault that you didn’t notice that this happend with the last events as well but aniways

You can send them a ticket about the fact that you’d like to get these 15 TPs since not getting Father’s day skullcrusher at 5 stars makes you less motivated to play the game. There is a chance that they might give you the 15 TPs since it’s not that much and they would not want to lose these 10$/month just for some stupid 15 TPs

The Seasonal Trust points in arena have always been removed the moment the event ended. And its logical that it happens that way. Especially cuz you get an an in-game notification the day before the event ends that its your last day to get the Seasonal Trust.

Also you could’ve just bought it during the event to make sure you have all 3 copies. Why did you wait?

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I’m new to the game & don’t know how things work & I didn’t want to spend another 600 ruin stone’s for 15 TP thought I’d just get them in Emporium when I had the medallions

I’m new to game not sure how things work + in mailbox it was saying 7hrs left in the event but I had no way to but the last of the TP all the ingame pack weren’t available for me to buy.

Again, send them a message, pretty sure that a 20 runes pack was like… 300 runes, also, from new what do you mean? I am assuming that if you were able to get 2985 TPs you’re not really “new”.

I tried sending a ticket to the support team before but they replied (and I am forced to paraphrase as my post was being flagged earlier), that the support team agrees that the timer on top of the arena shop refers to the whole shop and within the shop, but that as a matter of fact there are certain offers in the arena shop that only appears when certain events are active. The support team said they understand that this could be confusing to some of us, and so they apologized and said they would submit my concern to the team for improvements.

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I was able to get 2985 because I spent alot of ruins stones and I have the gold chest subscription so every 8hrs if I completed my 15 keys I can get a chest and it gives me 75 TP. And I’m not sure what you mean about send them a ticket? I can’t even figure out how to get in touch with support or who to get hold of.

Go on your profile on the titan uprising app => settings => Help & Support

I have the FC as well and i was able to get the 3000 TPs + 144 more TPs (how did I do it? I made my plans for the event on a paper and gathered runes before the event started) I think I spended ~2500 runes.

Well, I’m glad I wasn’t the only person and my reason was the same, I was new to the game. So, question, if I don’t have the subscription chest (whatever it’s called), now that I can actually win all 10 levels of both basic and superior battles, how many runes do I need to have banked to be able to get 3k trust points in any given event? I have to assume I can only get the clan chest every other day because we kinda suck :slight_smile: