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Father's Day Skullcrusher

When looking at the contents of the duty chest (by tapping and holding on it for a moment) we can see that the Father’s day Skullcrusher trust points are not yet available in it. And it also isn’t available in Thawfest emporium yet.


Same with me as well.

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It was the same thing last time, I opened a chest and didn’t get any bns pts, hope it gets fixed

I expect they will come in next season of arena when it starts later today. (Hope!) but they need to fix the duty chest sharpish! And the alpha chest

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After the Father’s Day Skullcrusher event started i reached the hard Viking Chest.
But I did not receive any Father’s Day Skullcrusher trust points for it.
I expected to get them as in previous special events.

Hello, everyone. I’m sorry to hear about not getting the trust points from the chests. The team has been informed and they are now looking into this.

Should be out now.

To those who were not able to obtain the Father’s day Skullcrusher trust points from the chests, please contact our support team at so they can provide assistance. Don’t forget to include your support key, as it helps the team locate your account faster in our system. Thank you!


I contacted the support as mentioned.
Five days have passed and there is still no correction for this error.
We are three players in our family and the situation is the same for all of us.
Others members of our clan have the same experience.
I’m afraid that any restored trust points recieved after the end of the event will be completely useless to us because Father’s Day is only once a year.
The level of bugs and subsequent support in this game is really terrible

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, @Pehta. Rest assured that our team is actively working to address this issue. Your patience is appreciated!