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Favored Enemy Quests are too hard

I had a quest to kill 70 rust monsters, took me over 2 hours of non-stop play to complete. And that was in an area I can beat easily (Hidden Forge). After all that, it was only worth 20 quest points?? That is always going to be an auto-skip quest if I have a skip available, which means it’s inherently flawed. Most other quests you can knock out in 5-10 runs or so. To make these quests more manageable I would suggest lowering the requirement to killing like 10 rather than 70.


@Zakr, I feel for you. I usually get at least one similar quest each week. Perhaps if the development team really played the game or perused the forums on a regular basis, issues like this would not continue to repeat . The average player plays less than one hour per day, which makes the duration of such quests inordinate.

I agree it would make sense to lower such requirements. However, since the change you are suggesting is reasonable and would be favored by players I am confident this will not occur. Based on other recent maneuvers by the developer I would not be surprised to see these quantities increase.

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“Favored Monster: Chimera 0/95 in 24 hours“

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Like that is anywhere close to realistic… I’m getting at best 2 a run. I’m not gonna sit here and grind this crap for almost 50 dungeon runs.

I might bother trying if it was to kill TWENTY… ridiculous.

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Astute comments chaps.
I agree.
The game makers do not.

Remember you can replace one quest every 24 hours.

Having said that, the favored monster quests might have to be revised. I remember getting one for 95 mindflayers, took about 60 completed dungeons runs to complete…

:man_facepalming: I always forget that you can trade out a quest. Thanks for the reminder!

Thank you for your feedback, I have passed it onto the team.