Favorite and least favorite to hunt


My favorites are the tanks because they are slow and easy to hit. My least favorite are the diplocaulus types!

Their wiggling movement hypnotizes me and completely distracts me.


Favorite dino to hunt has got to be the classic trex. That tricky gal is the only dinosaur that has able to escape multiple times lol. She’s a challenge.

Least favorite dinosaur to hunt is probably the draco rex gen 2 :joy:


Trex is the one Dino I can get as little as 40 DNA a go on her… that bloody tail


Right??!?? That tail goes left to right so fast making me nervous, and I usually miss a dead 90% of the time haha


I always get high scores on Stegosaurus so I guess he’s up there. Tanks and small dinos are my favorite to dart. Theropods like Allosaurus are my least favorite because they’re hard.


I do more in stegosaurua type, sauropods types and i do less in t rex epic cause his move is so random, and in parasaurolopus i do so bad normally too


The bigger they are, the less dna you can collect. Because the target can move from their head to their tail and you waste time moving your drone. I like to hunt he smaller Dino because I can quickly collect an average of 145 DNA.


yeah, usually I barely get 50 DNA. But today I was lucky and got 70! :slight_smile: