Favorite Common Dinosaurs? Aside from the Velociraptors though


(Sorry if someone already created a thread with similar thoughts)

For me, I love Apatosaurus and Allosaurus! One have a huge HP pool, the other have really high HP and attack even with lower levels! What about you guys?


I love the lythronax. I would loooove to have more dinosaurs like him but they don’t spawn in my region. Counter-attack is such a satisfying skill and so versatile. :frowning:

Have to wait for events lol. I don’t use the lythro anymore since it is not that versatile due to limited skills; i do use the majungasuchus as a replacement but i would love to have a raja one day… A good leveled one haha.


I like Stegosaurus. His strike is also good.


This one is my favorite


I’m big on both Dimitri (Demittodon) and the Nodo. The Nodo acts as my tank and my Demitri and Trex help Powerhouse me through with my Monolo


Favourite Common dinosaurs?

Stegosaurus and Tarbosaurus.

Stego takes care of raptors and isn’t a pushover against anything else, either, and the Tarbosaurus is a beast with a crit rate better than anything else I have (and it’s faster than a T-Rex, so it often wins against them!)


For me, it’s Stegosaurus.


Tancylogreus. When I dropped back down, I was trying to use dinos 5 and under and I seriously fell in love with this little guy. Lythronax was also a little cute dark horse and parasaurolauphus stayed relevant as a level 3 (a 3!!!) until the 3rd arena.


Steg is my fav. Turns raptors into roadkill.


Apatosaurus - massive hp bump as it levels

Tanycolagreus - better than dilophosaurus gen 2, good to have alongside a raptor.

Allosaurus - Armor piercing death machine

Dimetrodon - the gen 2 commons are okay, but only for their passive immunity to status ailments.

Deinocheirus - let’s not start on “SuperChicken”. The Erlikosaurus gen 2 “ThunderChicken” is where this breed really kicks into gear. DoT attacks can save you in arena battles, which is something Deinocheirus doesn’t have.

Euoplocephalus - the walking TANK. Once you get above level 10, you can really put a hurting on your opponents.


Counter attach is great against fast dinos. If you can just keep your dino alive long enough you can let those raptors kill themselves.


When it comes to commons, two stand out in my mind. Euoplocephalus is a tank, and as it’s health and armor go up, it’s like a Timex, “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.” Then there’s the Allosaurus. One my my favorite dinos from back in the day any, and it’s got the health and the damage to be a major player.


Stegosaurus for me, too. They spawn so easily all.around me so he’s been easy to get to level 18. Until I have leveled up something that has more skills and can survive pounce and then knock out a raptor in one whack like he can, he gets to stay on the team.


I really like Tanicolagreo. My small dino with big attack and able to take the blows. :heart_eyes:


I agree, a high tabby can two shot a lot of dino’s And out speed pesky Utah and Pyro’s. Some occasions one shotting them.


Deinocheirus all the way! Fast and fierce with that alternate rampage/strike. It’s been a fixture on my team from the start.


I still dunno about “SuperChicken”. The Erlikosaurs - “ThunderChickens” - are vast improvements over Deinocheirus.


Erlikosaurus gen 2 is a staple on my team as well, strong with a great skill set. But…It’s rare, and they asked about commons. :slight_smile:


Euoplocephalus is my fave :heart_eyes:


True, but there is a progression involved. I was pointing that out, more or less.