Favorite counters to common threats

List em here! I love to counter stegodeus with indo:

Cant be more than plus 5 I think though. Must didge either thag or apr. Rotation usually:


I love to also counter indo with stegodeus:

I forget the level spread here. 3? Must not get crit, and hit at least thag or apr. Rotation i most often use:


That should be enough to start us off :slight_smile: Lets learn from each other, what are your fav counters?

(Indo vs stego one of my fav matchups currently).

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INDO vs STEGODEUS, this opponent pair depend on that I-raptor is lucky or not.

If I-raptor is unlucky, Stegodeus wins. Vice versa.

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While true, you can still have strategy to reduce the impact of rng. Thats why I like it.

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Can anyone post a monomimus counter? Ive lost to 24-26 half a dozen times today :sob:

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Another Monomimmus of similar level, Monostegotops, Suchotator, Ankyntroll if you have issue with the dodging.

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Tanycolagreus is also a good counter… It is featured on quite a few top 50 teams!

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I think im going to level my trago :nauseated_face::face_vomiting: it seems a good counter (that i can actually work on levelling) vs mono.

Another counter i like for indo is diloracheirus.

first run with my magna. it wouldve been a good counter to utahsinoraptor but he one shotted it lol. then took half of indos life.

i actually like monomimus vs stegodeus. wish mine was atleast level 24.

Monosteg Vs indom
Monomim Vs stegod
Rajalaky Vs pyritator
Stegod Vs alankly