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Favorite dino for battle?


I’m relatively new to JWA and am having a lot of fun with it. I’m wondering what your favorite battle dinos are and why?
I love starting with Miragaia. With the counter attack and regeneration I can take out 1 dino in three moves and possibly 2 in 6 without losing Mira or having to swap.
Tupandactylus is great too as a swap-in.

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My personal favorite right now is the common dinosaur Dracorex Gen 2 because of its swap in shattering rampage, which can catch many unsuspecting players off guard. But I’m sure he’ll get a nerf soon. :frowning:


Gotta agree with fish Draco g2 is just too much fun and changes an entire teams playstyle my Indo raptor is close second as she is a team on her own and third prob Magna hate it’s stats but looks beautiful and when you beat someone with Magna it’s practically pantsing them so that’s something!(they get to see Magna’s cute little dance though so the real pwn benefit is slightly ungrokable :joy:)


I love watching the dinosaur movesets- even if I lose, its rather amazing. :sauropod: :upside_down_face: :t_rex:


I like using Gorgosuchus. Used right can take out whole team. Close is Monostego, cause can take out Indoraptor and Indominus and can stand against any dino. Third is Utahsino, which can take down tanks and chompers.


In these moments the best dino of the game is the Trykosauro but it is a dino not easy to achieve and implies to renounce the indorptor except that you want to spend a fortune. Tryko is a creature that I will never have and that only I have to suffer. At low levels my favorites were gorgosuchus, postimetrodon einosuchus and velociraptor but since then there are new dinos and powers were introduced when making a change.


Early game my favourite was Tarbosaurus.

Now my favourites are Tyrannosaurus Rex because I love the sounds and animation, and the fact that even with reduced power her chomp is insanely damaging, and Tryostronix because what’s not to love about a fast Baryonix with immunity?


I love the design and usage of Pyrritator


Thor … it’s a good time. A little armour would make it beast mode


I’m with you on the miragia… I’ve come to love that black stegosaurus. The others I like to play alot are ornithomimus and braciosaurus. I like braciosaurus because his move looks like when you slap your friends head for being dumb.

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Sometimes I like to bring out my ornithomimus because when the dodge actually works it can be a little troll. It pecked a stegosaurus to death once. Allosaurus is another favorite.

I have an embarrassing attachment to Delta. Mostly because she’s come through for me in the arena a lot of times.


Be careful about admitting to using fun troll dinos, you’ll get ripped apart by @Dactyl


Since I don’t know who that is it doesn’t really seem like much of a threat? I’m just looking to try new things and maybe have a little fun in the process. I mean I get that there’s a ‘no fun ever’ crowd with games in general but I fall into the ‘filthy casual that likes to have fun’ catagory.


Lately my favorites have been suchotator and monolemetrodon. I like both other their utility but monolemetrodon has the best death animation in my opinion.

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