Favorite dino on your team?


Current team only please.
Mine is my Anky, I love it too much to let it go. It still wins me fights and its outboxed i-rexes and Stegodeus multiple times. :smiley:
Look at this adorable thing! Its like an Armadillo with spikes. So cute!

So whose your favorite?


This is my baby and she is so sassy :tipping_hand_woman:‍♀️


For performance? Stegodeus. Just cause i like it? Diloranasaurus.

Fav troll not in my team? Paramaloch :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I lose if I don’t get Stegod but Monomimus is still my favorite.


Just need more coins for myself.


OmegaLUL just kidding my favorite dino is tragodistis


Overall performance, consistency: Stegodeus. It does deserve the title for God of tanks. I like the way it bellows every time it attacks :scream:

Personally, I enjoy the animation of my Tryostronix while doing crits ranging upto 6K damage, sometimes one shotting even Level 24-25 Stegodeus.


Hahahaha I see what you did there XD


My little best friend! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


she’s a beaut


My beast :ok_hand:


Performance stegodeus and indoraptor, aestetic triostronix i like too spinotasuchus, sad he is weak nowadays


My gal :heart_eyes:


Also it’s not very good to battle with I just like it :joy:


all of this, except the triostronix part lol
although, way too many battles start off stegodeus vs stegodeus :sleeping:
then again, too many end with dodge vs dodge and whoever’s the CPU decides works wins :sleeping:


Will out tank anything


Aw man, my whole team is full of faves, I can’t choose!


This girl. A surprising beast when she gets that one minimal speed start up in before the next dino arrives.


Still figuring out a good team but…right now, Charlie and Delta are my favorites, also my brachiosaurus. Charlie to do crits and loads of dmg, Delta to do hit n runs, and the brachio to just be a big giant troll to speedy dinos.


I always feel better about my chances when my favorite boy - Indoraptor - is in my line up :heart_eyes: