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Favorite hybrids

What’s your favorite hybrid mines yudon even though I don’t have it yet


I like yudon too, but not in a hurry to unlock it.

My all time favourite is probably gorgosuchus but I like armormata and metriaphodon a lot too. I don’t use unayrinchus that much due to the long cool down time but she is very special to me due to the sassy look she makes during her special attack.

My fave aquatic hybrid is liosichtodon (hate the dna cost though) and I really want to unlock smithetoceras because it looks amazing but I don’t want to lose my smilodons as they are my go to purple beasts for pvp.

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Mine has to be indoraptor. My name says it all really.
Amazing design.
My favourite animation.
You use it forever when you get it.

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Indoraptor. :wink::facepunch:

Also quick poll what hybrid tournament creature are you interested in. For me being a new player segnosuchus

And if you know thegamingbeaver he also wanted the segnosuchus instead of the megarchelon so maybe segnosuchus might win this year

A thread has already been made

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Mine fav. are








Do you have segnosuchus ?

in lineup? No yet, but I have unlocked Segnosaur, which means is question of time, when i will made segnosuchus

Vote segnosuchus in the tournament so you don’t have to lose your segnosaurus

I always do every creature with hybrid twice, And even there is a just 500 dna differnce price beetwen segno and Mosa, I will be more happy to try get my first dunkleosaur on March more than segeno, as Dunkleosaur is on my favorite list


I don’t have segnosuchus and I kinda need it for my hybrid lineup and probably segno will win I would vote dunkleo if I had segnosaurus

Not mention my herbivores are absolute garbage

That is ok, vote for what you want, its our choice to choose :slight_smile:

I like arormata more than segno and have one armormata lvl 20,

So i use my vote for my fav. dunkleo.

If dunkleo does come up next year I will vote it

I dont think so,
There is many hybrids and new ones will coming,
Repeat dunkleo next year in vote is waste (least i think that)

Anyway wee shell see what will win. Every hybrid “free” card is a good caerd :rofl:

(Well except koolasuchus and cerazinosaur, least for me, bec i dont like them :rofl: )

Maybe koolsaurus because it’s crap and I don’t have a opinion with cero and I’m a new player and on Facebook there’s a lot of people who want segnosuchus as well

Yep, already now its 100% sure its beetwen segno and dunkleo, thats why i saying “We will see…”

Dunkleo is the strongest aquatic hybrid, so if you are new, it propably not will good for your aquatic lineup.

For example i am level 99, 2nd March that will be 17 months I am playiing I think i have good aquatic lineup, but still keep my megarchelon hybrid on level 1…