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Favorite Jurassic World/Park Troodon

2.2 has given us Troodon, a beloved dinosaur.
However, there are some downsides
REAL: image
Jp: image

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One of these things is not like the other

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It’s because it’s the most accurate apparently

No. One is Yudon

which one?

Nevermind. You changed it

I know it’s yudon, i was just joking :rofl:
On another note, yudon is a beautiful hybrid, i hope they add It to the game in the future. Half of It is already there


Shhh no one saw anything :laughing:

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The last one is kind of cute. I almost want to hug it. :laughing::bowing_woman::t_rex:

The others ones not so much. :frowning:

I mean, they could add Yutyrannus and Yudon next patch. Actually, would you mind me making them?

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Oh please do

Ok. One dino, hybrid, and super hybrid coming up

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I’ll edit the post as I make the creatures. First Yuty!

And Yudons hybrid!

What about JWE one? It’s amazing too

Oh i though yutyrannus was gonna be fierce, but that’s a good cunning kit

I may or may not have wanted a cunning tyrannosaur. They were intelligent for their time.

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There’s the one on the Jurassic park game on ps3


I think It makes sense since it’s not really a tyrannosaur, it’s just closely related. It’s somewhat something between proceratosaurus and tyrannosaurids as far as i remember. Given that information i think i personally would have made It something cunning-fierce

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It could have had fierce strike, but I think class mixes should be for hybrids myself.

Well we have non hybrid resilient fierce in the game so i don’t think It would be a problem

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