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Favorites for tournaments

Those of you who have deep reserves of dinos, which are your favorites to use in tournaments, PvE, PvP? (Each class). Which dinos are top priority to attain, in your opinion?

My favourite dominator League Team is: Indominus Lvl.20 , Diplosuchus Lvl.20 and my beautiful Cerazinosaurus Lvl.10…
In Hatchling League I often use My Lvl.40 Carnotaurs and Giganotosaurs…
And Gorgo Lvl.40 in Dominator like all my other strong creatures!

For PVE, I match against class. It the leadoff is a carnivore, I put in an amphibian and so forth. My favorites are where the AI is using two classes with the leadoff being paired with one of the others.

Of course having an opposing lineup of a single class, provided you can use class advantage is always nice.

For PVE, I usually assemble a cross-class team. Creatures 1 and 3 will be of the same class. Creature 1 will be the meat shield and 3 will bring the attack. Creature 2 will be strong against whatever is strong against 1 and 3. So if creatures 1 and 3 are carnivores, creature 2 will be a pterosaur. It usually works for me.

On Cenozoic and Aquatic PVP battles, I usually use all three classes

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