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Favourite creatures in your park


Just a random question, what creature that you currently own in your park is your favourite? I don’t mean stats-wise, but more coolness-wise. It could be a common.
My favourite has to be my T.Rex. It looks cool, it’s been with me through so much, and it’s my favourite dinosaur in reality. Lythronax is a close second though. Not only i love the model, but it’s a feathered large carnivore. That’s all i ever wanted from this game. A fluffy large carnivore.
Smilodon’s also up there


I like how cat-like indoraptor is - like a creepy sneaky cat

I also like some of the herbivores victory dances, the bi-pedal ones like corythosaurus - nifty little head swipe with a side step

I also like how the terror birds fall over when they are hatched. An excited didn’t-hurt fall over


I’m sure this will change eventually and I’d definitely have a different one in terms of battle prowess, but right now I get no end of amusement clicking on the nundasuchus, etc. to see them leap in the air and then swat with their front legs. Talk about cat-like. That’s the identical motion of a cat that gets startled and then rears up to attack back. But seeing that action in a crocodilian is just so comical.


Good question. Concavenator was my first loyalty point unlock. The wicked little glass cannon still has a soft spot for me, especially when I see his painting in Lockwood’s house/museum in JWFK.

Troodon was the first (and only) legendary (Clash) unlock that I leveled up to 40, so (aside from its ugly dunce cap feathers), I’m proud of it. After that, I got so many cards my incubators are always full up, and I can’t justify spending DNA to purchase any more “pure” dinosaurs when the hybrids are so much more powerful.


Definatly triceratops

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Sorry, I mean definitely


I like that too!!!


My Ostaposauruses are my favorite (I got 2 at lvl 30), but I do got some close favorites after those 2.

  • 1 lvl 30 Concaventor
  • 3 lvl 30 Prestosuchuses
  • 1 lvl 10 Acrocanthosaurus (I wish this wasn’t a super VIP dino, as he’s very expensive to get more of, and the RNG wheel is against me in the prize drop, as I always get aquatic VIP dinos)
  • 1 lvl 40 Secodontosaurus
  • 1 lvl 40 Ostafrikasaurus (luv the name)
  • 1 lvl 30 Indominous (leads my park, and nothing will pass him)

Then my OG T-Rex, which I did not use my first T-Rex to make my Indominous. I literally made another lvl 40 T-Rex just to not lose my OG T-Rex.


I get what you said about the Rex. That’s exactly what i’m doing. Getting a second T.Rex at 40 to make Indom. No way i lose Rexy.
Sorry Indominus, you may have better stats, but you’re just not cooler.

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If you are trying to complete missions, at one point you are required to have 2 level 31+ T-rexes…


Good to know, thanks


For what it’s worth, you also need a level 40 Shunosaurus, a level 40 Pteranodon, 2 level 40 Stegosaurus, 3 level 40 Guanlongs, and 2 level 40 Nasutoceratops.


Shoot. I’ll eventually need to get my Guanlong out of prison for that one.


This is as far as I’ve gotten. There are likely more. My current mission is to feed a Stegoceretops. Which means I have to hatch a new one