Favourite Hybrid Designs


Just spreading the love (should really clean that up, actually)…to me, some of the hybrids designed for this game range from ‘believable animals’, to ‘demon-spawn from nth level of hell’ and ‘explosion in a tooth and claw factory’, so just wanted to see what are folks’ favourite ones? (Not a gauge on abilities or anything; just design.)

I really love the Suchotator because it looks like a really intense Spinosauridae…also resembles the modern depictions of Spino-family recreations and models such as those made by Schleich or Papo.

Also a fan of the Ankylocodon and Gorgosuchus…they look toight; a real sense of compact design and no-nonsense.

And even though I haven’t unlocked it yet, I’m liking the look of Megalosuchus; looks like a muscle-bound tough guy (if anyone’s seen that Family Guy episode with the alternative universe pig…reminds me a little of that, too XD ‘Oh my god, are those fists?!’ Thump ‘OINK.’)


(Honourable mention: Diplotator…or, as I like to call it, ‘Pride Demon’ :P)


I quite like the design Sarcorixis. Kinda resembles a Chinese dragon. Magnapyritor and Rajakylosaurus also look pretty sick, although its hybrid Diorajasaur does look slightly weird.


Monostegotops - love the colours

Stegodeus - looks just how the name suggests


Oh my! Been looking forward to getting Monostegotops for design alone (I feel it’s a better Stegoceratops design than the Stegoceratops itself :P) but that colour scheme is delicious!


Really love the design of Sarcorixis, just wish it was better balanced.