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Favourite Legendaries survey


Check on the ones that MAKE THE STRONGEST uniques, not your favorites, alanky may be everyone’s favorite legendary pterosaur, but ardont is a better option.

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It’s likely going to be for valentines day, so please choose dinos with very valuable/exclusive/hard to obtain ingredients. Or all the exclusive component ones that still could get a strong unique, like Alloraptor and Carbotoceratops. I know a lot of people will vote Indoraptor G2, which sucks, because we all know that’s getting a nerf…

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The ig2 nerf won’t be that bad imo, guess we will see. I don’t believe it. There will be a change but it won’t be enough to make this dino “bad”. It shouldn’t be either blue is tough dna man. And the last few levels 27-30 are not easy at all.


What would be the best choices though. I wouldn’t want to pick a legendary that has ingredients that I can easily find in the wild.

Why they realesed the survey before the patch notes ? I could choose Pumba and Jafar

One thing funny when I see “Dilophoboa” I read always “Dilophobia” I don’t know why I’m not scared about snakes lol

Dilophobia: fear of Dilophosaurus

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I’ve got t be honest here and say I will never fill out another survey in this game .

Last time we did one we got Suchotator and not Irritator for the rare in the wild for a bit.

According to the last survey they did, Yoshi and CS were fine as they are.

So what’s the point in doing surveys when we end up with this kind of result?

I’m a huge raptor fan so the 3 legendary raptors are my favorites