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Favourite lucky moments!


So I just got out of a battle where the opponent’s Allosinosaurus didn’t take down my Pyrritator and their Indominus Rex couldn’t cloak either times against her AND their Monomimus couldn’t evade her! It was FANTASTIC luck.

Have you guys got sensational luck moments you’d like to share? Apologies if this thread already exists.


Bow down to the hybrid Queen!


My indoraptor going 3-0 on 4 seperate ocassions


Managed to hit an Indoraptor 3x in a row, despite the evasive strike. Same battle, managed to hit their Monomimus twice even though they, too, used evasive strike. Also got in a stun, whereas theirs failed.

Would have otherwise lost the battle, those dinosaur levels were way higher than mine!

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Please don’t post that here. That’s not a lucky story. Thank you for your consideration going forward!

Anyone else have lucky/good win/nearly lost but pulled through at the very end stories?


I had an amazing luck moment a few minutes ago.

So long story, I decided to battle out with newest additions to my team, Diloranosaurus (Autumn) and Allosinosaurus (Rusty).

My team was, Dilorano, Allosino, Indominus Rex and Suchotator.

The enemy team was, Gorgosuchus, Ankylodon, Dracorex gen 2 and Kentrosaurus.

Diloranosaurus leads off for me (Imma just call her Autumn for this story) and the enemy leads with Kentrosaurus.

Autumn and Kentrosaurus battle it out, Kentro almost KOing Autumn but she wins the duel with less than 200 HP. She safely Swaps into my Suchotator, Tate.

Tate is out and the enemy sends in Ankylodon, knowing Tate can’t do anything to it I swap into my Allosinosaurus, named Rusty. Rusty gets critted by Ankylodons DI. Rusty then gets hit by Ankylodons API and has a little over 1.1k health left, he gets a DSI off on the little bugger.

Out comes the enemy DracG2, KOing Rusty.

I send in Indominus Rex, named Clair. Clair uses API and gets hit by DracoG2s strike. Enemy switches to Gorgosuchus.

I swap out Clair and send in Tate to try and bleed the gorgo, that failed. Gorgo and Tate faught it out, Once Gorgo got Tate low, DracG2 comes in. KOing Tate.

Now I’m stuck with a full HP Indom and the enemy has a wounded DracG2 and a Gorgosuchus. I send in Indominus Rex, Named Clair, and she easily dispatches DracG2.

Gorgo Vs Clair is a doozie, Gorgo starts setting up his Ferocious Strike and Clair hits him with a API. I hesitate, and reluctantly press Cloak on my Indom, and watch as she Dodge, both a Crit DSR and Cleansing Impact, winning me the game with a crit APR.

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My best luck moment recently is probably when I was using a Trago against an Indominous. Kid you not, I landed through the cloak, took no damage because of instant invincibility AND got a crit on rampage AND my counter attack. Literally could not believe my luck. Won the battle and what was my reward? 15 minute incubator lmao. I’ll take it tho

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Great stories guys. Keep em coming! Pictures are nice too!

I managed to Crit a Dracorex Gen 2 today so that was nice as well. No more swapping into them!



Ooooohhhhh my gooood I FELT THAT ONE

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The crit wasn’t even needed, but made it ever so sweet. He ended up pulling out tuoramoloch and indo but I still won :smiley:

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