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Favourite tank buster?


what is everyone’s fav tank buster, or which do you use on your team?



Not in my line up though.
Just need more coin to complete.


This is my fav :heart_eyes:


Mine is my Monolemetradon, easy to get DNA for, shield breaking, decent damage, immunity so can’t be slowed, stunned or have its damage lowered :slight_smile:


Indoraptor is good but it’s lack of immunity is a problem for its health. Other than that Allo :slight_smile:


I love starting matches with this one. It took down a level 30 Stegodeus earlier because I got a lucky critical hit. And it can drop the same level Stegodeus without crits.


If I am not in L3…:joy::joy::joy:


I love Postimetrodon wish mine was 27 but I’m not up against lvl 30 Stegods. Great against tank and anti tank. Suffers against dodgers.


T. Rex and Trykosaurus.

Currently having the Queen, working on Tryko.


Trystronix when I can time ready to crush ferocious strike and DSR




Am using a lvl 22 suchotator now but will change to trystronix when I level it up a wee bit more.
Would prefer an allosino but insufficient dna to do anything about it. Currently my allosino only at lvl 16. Humbug


this… start first turn with evasive. and 2nd turn, whack.


I think I need to vomit


Her name is Ball Buster!


You guys grind so hard really xd


At the moment I just love Spinotasuchus … makes Stegoceratops cry like a little girl …