Favourite/Worst Hybrids?


I’m curious. What are your favourite hybrids and why? What hybrids don’t you like and why? I personally believe most of the hybrids in this game are rather unimaginative in terms of their design (i.e. majundasuchus, einiosuchus, ankylocodon, paramoloch). Some of them don’t seem to make any sense at all (i.e. the monolophosaurus + stegoceratops hybrid having two crests on its head instead of one like MONOlophosaurus, the idea of a parasaurolophus + stygimoloch hybrid two creatures that seem completely incompatible). I definitely believe Jurassic World Alive can create more visually interesting, imaginative, and sensable hybrids than the ones we got. But enough about my opinion. What’s yours?



Give me King Godrah Hybrid!


I love the way sarcorixis looks, spinotasuchus as well. Too bad neither are particularly good.


I really love Postimetrodon. I love her colors and her design and just everything. I can’t think of my least favorite hybrid I just love all of mines though one I rarely use is my Gorgosuchus mostly cause it’s still level 11 and my Kaprosuchus isn’t level 10 yet lol.


Diplotator just looks unnatural. Kinda like the platypus, one of those things that probably shouldn’t exist but here it is.


Gorgosuchus is my main man once you get him up a few levels he’s very strong. In two minds about the change of move tho. I like the cleanse impact strike for fact it’s another strike move but adrenaline came in handy now and again. It’d be good if they added adrenaline surge back in and out along with the impact.

Irriraptor I worked long n head on getting but I find the ready to crush a waste because to use it effectively without getting hit you’ve gotta be against dinos with surges etc n then hope there going to use it at the time you use that. Barayonax and irritator have ready to crush so I think being a legendary irraraptor should have it a a priority strike like indominus


Pyrotator I ment I dont kno why I callEd it irrraptor :smile:


Some designs I like are Gorgo/Megalosuchus. Pyrritator and Spinotahraptor are cool too, I appreciate how Ludia introduced feathered dromeosaurids, unlike the movies did. I didn’t even unlock her, but I’m a fan of Tryostronix, its design is legit nightmare fuel. Some other designs like Diloranosaurus are just lazy, but Stegoceratops is probably the laziest and ugliest in the game, I wish she wasn’t that strong, forcing me to use her, haha.


All the hybrids make sense once you look at the kind of person that Dr. Wu became between the events of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World.

Yes even the Diplotater. Whom I’m convinced came about after Henry enjoyed some libations.

The Suchotater has kind of grown on me. Nodopatosaurus looks like a dragon without wings.


Same, neither my gorgosaurus nor kaprosuchus we’re level 10 when I unlocked gorgosuchus from an incubator.


Diloranosaurus and stegoceratops are actually two of the only ones I like because they actually look like hybrids of something whereas megalosuchus looks nothing like the three things it’s made of.


I don’t understand what you mean by they make sense if you consider who Dr. Wu has become. He became more evil, so he makes really terrible hybrids?


To make the short version, he’s mostly looking to further his own agenda. If that means using the dinosaurs as weapons or creating hybrids out of them for whatever reason, aesthetics or what have you, he’s going to do it.

Take the nodopatosaurs for instance. We know the apatosaurus has the highest amount of health and the nodosaurus has armor. It’s almost a literal tank. Also, she’s gotten me out of several tight spots in the arena.

And the stegoceratops that we all love and enjoy? It was going to appear in the first JW film but was cut to not take the spotlight away from the I.rex. I think it does appear for a split second on a computer. Also a literal tank.

So yes, Wu is a rather shady character, especially if you listen to his dialogue in Jurassic World: evolution. Since there’s a mission where he ‘borrows’ your dinosaurs for testing and then they all come back sick.

I may be reading too much into this but he’s definitly not a great person in the science community.

Side note: It’s interesting to note in the book, he proposes to Hammond that they make the dinosaurs slower so they’re easier to control and for the visitors to see them. Almost humorous when you remember this and then look at the I.rex or the I.raptor. Though book canon isn’t the same as movie canon.