FB loyalty points

Are they still doi g the daily loyalty point on Facebook? The last one I see is from 5/28.

Just about every day, including today

Yup as @Andy_wan_kenobi started every day mostly, in fact they have been doing a decent amount of double posting with only one of the posts have the points link for the day.

Here is the one for today: https://www.facebook.com/772692209504683/posts/2274538965986659?s=100001160585623&sfns=mo

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Ok. I was looking for direct “here’s some loyalty points” type posts. What I should be looking for is the word “claim”.

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If anyone sees this in time, today (Wednesday)'s Facebook loyalty reward is 100 points


Thanks for that, I hadn’t remembered to check today, and would have missed it without your post.

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