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Fear indominus Pack

I can’t believe I was actually dumb enough to think it was going to give us an indominus Rex gen 1 or 2


No way they would give us a free indom gen 2. Maybe free indominus would be great.


it should have been 80% chance for a velo, 19.9% chance for a trex and -1% chance for an indominus rex


Maybe 1 percent for indominus.

The fact is that velociraptor is easy to get and indominus isn’t. However, you could sell or trade that velociraptor for resources

I want to know what it means by maximum mods

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Yeah that’ve taken my attention too, we are always having 3 mods at max already.

What could’ve they meant by that? :thinking:

Maybe 3 legendary mods

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Hmm maybe. Interesting approach. :call_me_hand:

We’ll see tomorrow. These couple of weeks at least have been able to keep me on a much better interest level than I used to feel.

We are in need some new challenges in this game, that’s for sure.

Heard on that

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This event was a little confusing to me. So you could use mods, but the opponents didn’t have mods? On top of that it was just really easy no reason for mods.

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Maximum means up to three, but no requirement for MODs at all. I just used a single level 40 VIP on each battle and breezed through, no MODs used.

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The breezieness explains why “fear”. The indominus was so meh for the prizes. Cuz it was no challenge at all

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yeah just don’t understand why the mod option at all as it’s pretty easy in general.

I think i used a single lvl 40 Gryposuchus on the 1 battle then a single lvl 30 Mastodontosaurus for the 2nd

fear the raptors now fear the indominus

Tbh I’m a low level player and the mods are pretty helpful…otherwise I wouldn’t have made it past the indominus.