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Fear my formidable army!

Your dinos don’t stand a chance against my triceratops!


Very scary army! :smiley:

I don’t know about your triceratops army, but I would love to have your DNA :astonished:

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My level 40 Raga: “We don’t do that here”

It was from some weird glitch that happened. It doesn’t go away.

Seriously? Are you able to use it? That’s an awesome glitch.

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Apparently i can. You know how after you complete a part of a battle event you get like 50 dna? Instead of giving me the normal amount it gave me some crazy high number.

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Oh man, I’m jealous.


I actually feel bad about having it because i feel like i’m cheating


I get what you’re saying. It didn’t help you that much unless you somehow got a lot of DBs as well to speed up all the hatching. If you feel that bad about it, you can always contact them and have them look into it. I’m sure they can correct it or hopefully tell you they corrected it and feel free to spend all the DNA want :grin:.

I recommend you to fill some paddoks like the Alangasaurus, Labyrintosaurus and the Limnorynchus. These are all common hybrids with a very high coin production in 30 minutes. It will cost like 300.000 DNA. I think you should do this before reporting this glitch. :wink: But I guess I wouldn’t report it because I did nothing wrong.


With what it costs me to get DNA to reach 100 thousand … :sweat: :weary: :tired_face:
Enjoy it you can


I have more lmao. They were all for missions.

My army just grew by 1…


My army stands ready and waiting…


Only 1 level 40 Indo? (And only 1 lev 30 behind that)

I’d hate to see how your PvE battles will be tomorrow.

That was a weird reply. Well first and most importantly there are what, 233 different creatures to date? How many of those do you have at Level 40? I’m at 228/233.

Second- No need to worry about me- my PVE Battles have been going just fine, as I consistently beat nearly all of them.

You see, the real key to victory in PVE once you reach the end game Levels is actually just to diversify your lineups across Jurassics, Cenozoics, and Aquatics. For instance, if all you focus on is getting more Level 40 Indoraptors then you’ll just be even more Carnivore-heavy in an already Carnivore-dominated arena at the top of the Jurassics. More higher end Pterosaurs are actually much more valuable instead in order to balance out all of the Amphibians that would otherwise destroy your Indoraptors easily in PVE matches.

Additionally, just to build upon that last point- The Indoraptor has the highest ferocity of any creature in the game. Stacking Level 40 Indoraptors (or even Level 30’s for that matter) unnecessarily raises the competition of NPCs. This bump in ferocity against the AI really isn’t worth the trade off just to stack duplicate creatures in the inventory.

With a little strategy you can build your lineups to be able to win in PVE’s without having to compromise on maxing out all of your creatures. Balance can be achieved in more ways than one.


How does one save up 300k bucks?

Apatosaurus fossils… Lots and lots of them.

Also have to keep the rest of the inventory as clear as possible, including: creatures, MODs, buildings, and decorations. I typically have nothing else in my inventory, unless I win a bunch of creatures at once.

It is a pain staking process… To continually place the Apatasaurus fossils. I have to do so ~2-3 times a week to stay fully stocked. But I’m used to by now and it’s well worth it.

This maximizes DB trade offers for either Apatasaurus fossils and/or coins/food. Sure you get VIP and DNA trade offers mixed in there, but those are decent enough consolation prizes.


Ahh…thanks for the tip.