Feather, and scales art contest

hi guys, before i leave to go on a vacation trip on 16th, i want to do something fun for the community for ludia jwa forums. a make your own hybrid contest art contest.this includes hybrids( requires 2 normal creatures) , super hybrids( requires 1 hybrid and 1 normal creature), and mega hybrids(requires 1 super hybrid and 1 hybrid, or 1 super hybrid and a normal creature).sorry if it’s confusing.

things to know 1

I will do a 1/20 point system, there will be 3 categories. effort, i’m going to be gone for 2 to 3 weeks, so you do have a lot of time in your hands to put anything you want on the creature. background environment,one of my favorite things in artworks is background environment.Give your hybrid story By using the background, it could tell that your hybrid escaped from a laboratory, or how it would live in a specific environment.And the most obvious is design, I would like to see a color that makes it unique, the background environment can really help out with the designs the creature. don’t add too much stuff to the creature, and don’t add too little to the creature.

things to know 2

All Arts are allowed, this includes Photoshop and drawing.make sure to have a name for the creature, and and the ingredients for the Creature.if you want to put a touch to the creature, you can add information, and stats to the creature.

Bonus points system. originally drawings would get 3 bonus points.But now it’s 5 bonus points for using specific creatures as ingredients for the hybrid .Here are the names of the bonus point creatures.

argenteryx,pelagornis,therizinosaurus,dracovenator,yutyrannus,The Lost World Carnotaurus(also could be know as toast), glyptoceras, aquilamimus,pachyrhinosaurus,augustynolophus.

the winners will be declared when I come back.I should come back into two to three weeks.good luck.

I’m back, anyone work on art work