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Feathered Velociraptor GEN 2

I’d really love to see Velociraptor (and any other creatures from the older Jurassic Park designs) given a GEN 2 variant that can be more realistic.

We know from fossils that JWA’s representation of Utahraptor and Pyroraptor are probably closer to what Velociraptor should look like. I’d really like to see JWA take this on for any relevant creatures.


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I like this idea :slight_smile: think it should be common also? There are so many dinos still missing but also so many existing ‘useless’ ones with no hybrids.

Id personally like an Indoraptor Mk2 using blues DNA instead of velo. Dont think this would be something they’d do but would give blue some use at higher stages. :slight_smile:

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If we didn’t already have the raptor squad, I would be for this.
However, we’ve got the raptor squad, Pyroraptor, and utahraptor, that’s six “normal” raptors right there.
We really don’t need another raptor, unless its one that can take out Utasino like Pyrri used too. Lol