Feathers Forever


Anyone know what’s inside


Here’s a list I just made.
Notice: The creatures on this list are those I can see their feathers in the game.:thinking:
So this is only my personally suggestion list. Might be different to the really contents.

They should make a line-up list for every time limited stuffs. I don’t like to always guess.:t_rex:


Thank you!! This helps :slight_smile:


You are spot on! Thanks! Of course the common and rare were useless but I leveled up my Pyroraptor! Not worth the 3670


So what dinos did you get?


I would pay for a guaranteed Erli. This, not so much.


Half erli and pyro in the epic! Deinonychus and lythro in the common erli gen 2 and proci in the rare!


Here’s some information from metahub:

My list is mostly correct, despite the Spinotahraptor.
For it’s a hybrid, I am not sure if it will be in this showcase from the beginning.
Now you could possibly forget Spinotah.

Also, epic showcase actually got slightly chance to gain a few legendary class DNA.
So it’s possible to got Pyrritator or Utasinoraptor DNA. But don’t even expect it.:neutral_face:


I got everything but the Spinotar hybrid :slight_smile: leveled up quite a few feathered friends :slight_smile: my pyro is now lvl 20.


Bought one and got 300 pyro and like 30, 40 elri, i wanted pyro cause in my zone they dont spawn alot, but i caught a lot elris in my city.