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Feature Idea - Combo Attacks

Ok so as we all know each dinosaur has a certain amount of moves based on its rarity. but these moves and their effects are set in stone, BUT what if they could be fluid?

Basically you would have the option to use the move as is, or you could hold your finger on the attack and combine it with one of your other abilities, and gain 50% of both moves. For instance lets say you have a 50% shield move and an attack that does 3000 damage when used on its own, well with a combo you would do 1500 damage AND gain a 25% shield, if you happened to need more survival than damage.

Or going one step further, each attack could have a sub option to either boost the shield portion, while sacrificing something else, but sacrifice the shield and gain damage or some other effect…this way you can use the best move effect for the specific situation!

Example -
Got an Erlidom thats about to hit you for a massive amount that you might not survive, yet your only attack does a little damage and a small shield that wont save you? well long press on the ability and sacrifice the damage portion to increase your shield and SURVIVE the attack!

I think this would add a lot of fluidity to matches and variety since you wont know exactly what your opponents will do at any given time.

Notes: This would probably be a nightmare to balance =/
Also not sure how this would play out with cool downs, would need to be tweaked!


I actually had a move idea for T-Rex 1 called Defense Shattering Combo, a priority move where it uses the strike, impact, and rampage, the rampage being a crit. The catch is: 3 turn delay, but afterwards 1 turn cooldown. Basically a reward for somehow keeping your Rex alive


taking this idea into Raids and/ or eventual multi battles, could yield wonderful results if Combos can be done with 2 or more creatures.


Yep you could stack up effects or attacks!

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I think it would definitely be cool, but probably a bit too complicated when it comes to balancing.

It could exist in a more toned-down form though. For example, a move that buffs shield percentage for 2 turns at the cost of damage output, and another move that does the opposite. That seems more plausible.

Alternatively, you could have passive abilities that buff shield percentages while reducing damage output, and other similar ones that affect damage buffs, DoT, etc.
Perhaps you could have more than one on the same creature, but you have to pick which one you want active at any given time.

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Very nice interesting compromises =D

As in Rex would deal priority 4.5x damage in one turn with a consecutive strike, impact, and rampage? That would be awesome :sweat_smile:

I’d hate to be on the receiving end of that. If that happened everyone would have lvl 30 t-rexes with max hp.

One could stack up distractions on it :hugs: