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Feature Idea: Community Driven Strike Towers

Ok so im sure plenty of us have had weeks (or months) where we look at the strike towers and be like “Wow, thats totally not useless garbage like Suchomimus or Pidgey DNA” or something, well why not have a weekly or bi-weekly in game community driven vote with a list of dinosaurs, and the top voted creatures end up as a strike tower?

There would need to be some sort of cool down on which dinosaurs are used so the rarest ones aren’t just perpetually picked, but yeah I think it would be a good way to feel like players in the community are contributing to the game directly, rather than forum suggestions or nerf threads!

Anyway just a suggestion.

P.S: Buff Monomimus!


Suchomimus dna isn’t useless it can be used to make suchotator,one of the best hybrid in the game

But its still not something most people are like: YES Sucho dna!!! Gonna need this so much!!! This is gonna be so usefull!!!

but suchotator has a very good stat for a beginner hybrid

People would just want creatures like tenoto and queza.That would make it easier to get them if they were the creatures in the strike tower.

true, but still even as a beginner I was just like: oh sucho, meh moving on…
Its good but not everyone adores it, again, lots do but not everyone

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#buff monomimus
Like the ps you said

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