Feature Idea - Deflective Stance

Ok im sure many will agree that dodge was hit pretty hard this patch and in many cases its a waste of a turn to use, well how about change it to be something new!

Such as this!

“Deflective Stance”
Priority - Gain a 50% chance to absorb 66% of the incoming attack, deflecting it back at the attacker!
Lasts 3 turns

So look at this situation for example -

Indoraptor with 2000 health left
Erlidom with 1000 health left

Situation where Indo “Deflects”

  1. Indo is slower and knows the rampage is coming
  2. Indo pop Deflective Stance
  3. Erlidom hits rampage for 3000
  4. Indo “dodges” taking 33% of the rampage which is 1000 (Indo now on 1000 health)
  5. Indo “deflects” 2000 back at the Erlidom
  6. Erlidom dies

Situation where Indo does NOT “Deflect”

  1. Indo is slower and knows the rampage is coming
  2. Indo pop Deflective Stance
  3. Erlidom hits rampage for 3000
  4. Indo fails to “deflect” and takes the full rampage
  5. Indo dies

Also for the deflection to happen the Dino needs to be alive, if the 33% of the damage they DO take kills them, then obviously no deflection, much like a counter attack requires the Dino to be still alive.

I’m rubber, you’re glue… haha


Another good one would be Spikey Shield where 50% of the damage is deflected from you dino and the other 50% damage is done to your opponent. So if Thor Crits for 6000 damage, it get 3000 damage back. That might result in some draws.



Ok I agree that cloak/dodge was nerfed. Over the long term it’s value can be seen as the equivalent of 33% damage reduction. For indoraptor and Procerathomimus it is basically a lost turn for little return.

So as for your idea of a deflective stance, I like the ability in a sense for battling and game balance. At the same time, the dinosaurs we use mostly have abilities based on what has been seen in the movies or based on some research, and/or science fiction style bio-engineering.

Cloak was an engineered camouflage ability. The x2 damage afterwards for some dinosaurs can be explained as setting up a kill strike, while not being defensive.

Dodging is just that. Dodging. (although if you still get hit, it is not much of a dodge)
Stuns can be explained by hitting an enemy in the right spot near a nerve cluster or just knocking an opponent over.
Swap in abilities can be explained by observing the enemy and jumping in with a surprise attack.
Damage over time, can be explained with venom.
Counter can be explained with hitting something with spikes
Rending Counters can be explained with hitting something with spikes covered in venom. Or maybe running into the spikes extra hard.
Regeneration can be licking your wounds.
Armor is obvious as is armor piercing.
Power ups could be explained by hormonal adrenaline releases.

On the other hand, I can’t explain shields. The best I got for that is how the dinosaur may change it’s stance when facing an opponent or they engineered something that was not explained. How would you bio-engineer a shield generator?

That being said. How would you explain this ability where the damage is deflective back to the opponent? If the defending dinosaur had spikes to be run into, I could maybe see that type of damage, but that still requires contact with something that is dodging.

The best I got is some type of Dinosaur martial arts using your opponents momentum

I also cant explain how dinosaurs are alive =/

Well ok maybe birds…

Interesting. I haven’t thought about those explanations.
I can think of some explanations on Distracting, Ferrocity, RTC.
Then any explanations on Sidestep, Nullify, Speedup Strike and Immunity?