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Feature Idea - In Game Purchase List

As we all know, some games can be very addictive by nature and result in a player spending more money than they should or could. This can lead to a huge amount of debt and real life issues which, depending on the severity, could also effect their family or children. So I propose a new feature!

The @Ludia_Developers should create an in game page which shows a list of all the purchases that have been made from that account, with a value at the bottom that clearly displays their total spending and/or monthly spending.
This will allow a player to easily keep track of their spending to make sure they aren’t over extending themselves or going beyond their means.

It would also help if you could perhaps have the ability to set a daily/weekly/monthly or yearly “budget” that the player can set themselves, and not be able to go over this limit until the desired time has passed. This will allow a player to still spend, but not put themselves or their familys finances at risk!

Now there is nothing in law that says a game company must do this, but that shouldn’t matter, it would go a long way to show the company cares for the players well being, and that the company has a clear moral compass.

At the end of the day, the players a real people and not just blank checks, and that overspending in a game (any game not just JWA) can do real harm to people, even destroy lives in the case of casinos, so we should all strive to protect the players.

Thank you!