Feature Idea - Scaling Challenge Tower

Another idea I was thinking of today.
You know how once we have completed the daily battle towers we have to wait for the next ones to show up the following day? why not have SCALING towers with its own leaderboard?

Basically it would be a strike tower that would start off at a really low difficulty, then once you complete it, it goes to a 2nd tier with stronger dinosaurs, then when you complete that it increases the Dino difficulty AGAIN! Up and up as far as you can go with your team!

The Challenge towers could also have their owner leaderboard, showing the tier in which each player has made it too.


You have a lot of ideas :wink:
I’m not sure how this would play out. Basically, strong players would get lots of won battles and lots of rewards. Just like now, the top players can get way too many rewards compared to lower players. I never lose an epic strike tower, increasing my DNA stash big time, increasing the gap between “rich and poor”.
I’d rather see strike towers that are matched by player level so that it’s the same challenge for everyone.

Yeah there would definitely need to be a lot more thought behind this idea, however the best ones for that would be Ludia because its their game and know how it works.

Believe me when I tell you, that if I worked at Ludia we would have a VERY different, but fun game!

Finding a balance between giving users a fun game and making enough money is something a company finds a bit more important though :slight_smile:

I suggested a similar idea back in 1.5 but my idea was you could only attempt one difficulty… so if you took the easy win you couldnt attempt the hardest difficulty for a better prize. So there was a risk reward to the tower.

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Also a nice idea

Yeah that’s why it’s best to suggest things and let Ludia work out how to make it work in terms of the game mechanics and the interests of the company.

@Evicton ahh I see, yeah I wasn’t present for 1.5 it was while I was away from the game so didn’t see your suggestion.