Feature Idea - Tactics training

Basically we all know how when we face things we rarely face, or even ones we do know, it can come down to knowing what to use and when, such as in mirror matches and guessing when the opponent is going to pop distraction to counter your big hit, so why not have a way to practise?

Basically you choose your dinosaurs and the opponent dinosaurs, possibly even their levels though 26 would be fine, then a battle like a strike tower would start. You then can practise over and over and come up with the best ways to counter said dinosaurs!

This would be a great way to get some battle experience without risking the arena and losing trophies or rank or dropping to a lower arena while testing out your new or rarely used dinosaurs.
Just unlocked Erlikspyx bu have no idea of its moves and what to use and when due to no experwith it? No worries, go into the practise arena and take it for a spin!