Feature Idea - Tri-brids

This would be an end game feature to ultimately strive for. To give maxed level players or those with high end teams a a way for them to have something to do further, other than boosts.

Example -

Name: Quetzalagrious Rex
Quality: Prototype (Tri-brid)
Frame Colour: Gold
Components: Tany (26), Quetzal (26) Trex (26)
Level at unlock: 26
The Tri-brids would have basically a unique type moveset but with either an extra attack/ability or another passive, given their difficulty to create and level.

Notes: These would be pretty difficult to level and unlock due to needing three level 26 dinosaurs (depending on which three of course, the above is just an example not a suggestion), but these would be the ultimate goal of all players, to get one of these dinosaurs.
It would everyone a end goal and current endgame players would have something to do again.


This idea is interesting… but imho, it shouldn’t happen for another 2-3 years, maybe more :thinking::sweat_smile:

The basic functions and features of the game arent even working 100% how they should, players are mad, and it is still difficult enough to constantly have resources to level up a lot of dinos, let alone everything… even boosts will take a few months (depending on amount of sales) to max out…

So having such a strong feature in the game would give it one more push to break it a bit more lol

While it is interesting, I think it is something that is better to be kept locked away for a good while, just to try and keep everyone’s sanity for now. They can dedicate the resources to fixing the current problems instead of just trying to add a new shiny feature (like boosts were) to try and mask the real situation.


Edit: I do really appreciate the way you presented the idea though, it’s nice to see a civilized manner in presenting solutions rather than just complaining :slight_smile: So please know that I am just sharing my ideas as well, cool to be able to brainstorm a bit :rofl: so definitely tell me if you think differently or maybe think of something new after reading my response! :slight_smile:


You make good points. There current issues do need to be fixed but such an idea like this would take a while to make so would be a ways off anyway.
They do need to prioritize fixing bugs for now for sure and matchmaking algorithm.
That being said this feature was aimed at the end game anyway so wouldn’t be intended for newer players right away, just something to progress towards.

And don’t worry I respect your difference of opinion.
But as for whether the game will even still be around 2 or 3 years from now is debatable with how many have left lol

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It would be great to have them, just to have some more must.have.in.your.team, and If one of them is a counter against big hitters, thor would be used a lot less.
I would also find it great If the unused rare hybrids are part of it, so you would have 2 normal dinosaurs and another normal dinosaur or a unused hybrid.

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