Feature Idea - Weight Classes

I had another idea for a new feature in the game, akin to “Passives”, different dinosaur weight classes

Basically every dinosaur would be put into a specific weight category like in boxing, and each weight class would come with a benefit assigned to it, such as -

Class: Gargantuan
Info: These dinosaurs were the largest living land animals to ever walk the face of the earth, they truely had no equal in terms of their sheer size!
Dinosaurs: Nodopatotitan, Brachiosaurus, Giraffetitan (you get the idea)
Trait: Immunity to stuns

Class: Heavy Weight
Info: These big monsters would have been awe inspiring (insert some valid info here)
Dinosaurs: Trex, Trex Gen2, Thor, Tarbo and so on
Trait: TBD

Class: Light Weight
Info: These smaller dinosaurs were very agile and nimble, not to mention could be very fast!
Dinosaurs: Velociraptor, Gallimimus, Orni
Trait: Avoids swap in attacks
(Does not affect swap in distraction or null)

There would be some more and each trait would need to be checked against balancing and so forth, as well as to make each trait useful in the arena!


It’s a great idea, but what has been mentioned with many other ideas. first there are a lot of things to fix, so this has to wait…

But best that Ludia has the idea ahead of time so they can plan accordingly.

I mean for all we know they have one team working on new features, and another team working on bug fixes.

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