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Feature Ideas/Requests

  1. Most important- Please let me unmatch characters (Stefan Silver in particular is rather… 50 shades of red flags and the entire time going through has been uncomfortable to say the least)

  2. Ads for gems. This is a feature Many apps have now adays for good reason, it’s a quick simple way to get premium currency for the poor or the jobless student

  3. Big idea, might be a bunch of work but it would be plausible- personalization quiz. A lot of the stories feel a little to, ‘story’. If that makes sense. I often end up having to choose between two answers where I dont relate at all to either option. A Huge example of this for me was in Angel Reed’s line, where she’s like “And some shelters even Kill animals!” And the two responses are ‘omg that so evil’ and ‘I would never adopt from a kill shelter’ and like… neither response is good??? Some animal shelters have requirements to take in any animal that walks through their doors, and sometimes that becomes to much for the shelters and so they may have to choose between nursing a sick dog back up to health(spending a lot of time and resources on one dog) or taking care of three already healthy puppies that are super adoptable.
    My real option is no.3 “it’s so sad they HAVE to do that” (okay I’ve tangented a lot it just upset me because the ‘kill shelter evil’ is pushed so hard in her line)
    Anyway My point is that there should be some type of Quick Quiz you can take before doing matches so that you can have more “real” conversations.
    3.5. And if you are going to tackle real world topics plz plz plzzz put in a little extra time to make sure you dont accidentally spread misinformation

@Lucien_Rosenheim There is already an unmatching feature. You can unmatched characters by tapping on their profile picture while chatting with them and tapping the crossed heart icon.

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Alright thank you! (In that case my only advice is to telegraph it in the app a bit better)

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I totally agree !
They ask too much diamonds to see a picture…